As I enter her lovely house, she tells me that since our meeting the sharing of stories has been on her mind. How there are more hidden and less obvious stories that are worth sharing, that give richness and color to our lives and communities.

She has a special relationship with the history of her family, feeling keenly that there are stories, objects and memories put into her hands and she wants to care for them. Keep them alive by telling them to others, having them in her house, but also in the way that a family tradition of painting runs through her, from her Norwegian grandfather. His paintings and her own hang on the wall, and I  can really feel the connection between them. She tells me that there were times when she could feel the grandfather guiding her hand while painting.

Her mother’s family is from Sahl and the grandparents moved as a young couple to Vinderup main street in 1898, to a house built by their parents. It is still there. They moved in a time when Vinderup was coming into it’s power as a young railway town centered around meetings, business and trade. The family has lived a long, busy and full life in that house, and she remembers coming there as a girl, when there would be a daily dinner table of more than twenty people, including all the family and the workers from their business.

She also cherishes a little Danish flag that stands on the table. It is made from faded red parachute cloth and is a memory of the resistance group that her father and uncle led during the war. Her father was asked often to talk about the resistance, starting quite soon after the war ended. Now her father has passed away and the act of telling this history has passed to her. She has given talks for youngsters at the archive and all were drawn into the powerful moment of sharing true happenings from one human to others. Afterwards, they had told her it was so much more impressive than a film. I can understand what they mean, as I listen to her tell me about the lives and memories of her family, with shining eyes and an energy that brings it all to life.

My time is running out and we have to stop our conversation. We have talked about many things, and shared thoughts and found always new stories around the corner.